calwong (calwong) wrote,

Rockford Files Theme + Like A Virgin + Blue Monday = this

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i know who you are because of google
you were the first. Congrats, props on your INTERNET SLEUTHING.
I found you minutes after this guy, it was called - file, properties. Leaving your name in the MP3 file was a bit of a giveaway. :)
doh! well, it's not like they made downloading the mp3 super easy or anything :)
I just really like that song
Since you've "released" at least two files into the wild, when do we get to hear the rest of the Cal Wong infamous "Panda" album?

It's kinda embarrassing, I just got this monstrous 88 key controller yesterday and full install of Sonar 8 Producer, and you're making more music with your DS than I am with a small studio full of stuff.

I'm going to find me a VST MS10 and make me some Panda music! (lol) Maybe CADIE will like it?
haha, "making" music on the ds is like bubbling in a somewhat complex scantron. I'm sure you'll kick ass with your setup.

I looked up the MS-10 on ebay the other day to see if it was feasible to get one, but it was $799 :(
MS20 is better anyways, well, in some ways. Amusingly, before I was disabled, I did some of what you do. Used to help make a little site named But that's been some time back now.

Pandas YaY!


April 1 2009, 16:24:38 UTC 9 years ago

I'm lovin' 'Sunday Panda' on CADIE's website. Thanks!
aw shucks
Congrats on scoring CADIE... when will the whole album be available for DL?
doing the thing for CADIE definitely unleashed a flurry of creativity on DS compositions. I'm trying to put together an EP of all the stuff I made, if you really wanna know, just subscribe to this LJ for future updates.
We really do. Check "her" page. See the number of friends "she" has now. Browse how many comments are made about the music. There's a bunch there guy. You've got yourself a hit. He'll, I'd shell out a few bucks for the full EP. And I live on a fixed income (read as, disability).
i really did have an EP in the works but I was planning to put it out in a couple of weeks in time for the Stumptown comics fest in Portland. if people are still interested it'll be available then.