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Well a week ago today I was in Portland OR for the Stumptown Comics Fest with Hellen and Ryan. It was the best one I've been to yet, making good scrilla and hanging out with friends old and new. I couldn't help but feel like a rockstar after the Guapo reading, and not just 'cause I forced people to listen to my guitar playing-- Jason Martin ( Laterborn ), Vanessa DavisSpaniel Rage ) and of course Miss Hellen Jo rocked the mic as well. It was probably the most well-paced of the 3 Guapo readings I've been to the past few years. I didn't win the Maisie (Vanessa did) but I felt honored to be nominated from 40+ zines. Plus I drank my pain away with all the free beer they had that night... dang, Jeremy and Allie of Guapo got HOOKED UP.

Tons of people stopped by and played Hellen and Derek's game. Some even played for 10 minutes plus, despite our disclaimer that the game NEVER ENDED and had NO GOALS! Just goes to show you how important the look and feel are in making videogames! Anyway, if you guys want the fake instruction manual zine we made, just paypal 5 bucks to me @ 

Highlights not mentioned above!
  • Sustainable Sushi Saturday with Erik, Jason, Ryan and Hellen!
  • Goofing around in the car on the way to parties!
  • Seeing the premiere of host Gariet's OLLIE video at the Laurelhurst about the life and times of Ben Franklin!
  • Dunja Yankovic's reading of "Department of Art" at the Multnomah library. She played improvised keyboard music while reading her comic. Bar none the best reading ever.
  • Robin Enrico's BUCKET O DONUTS. Peanut Butter and Oreo donut FTW
  • Spontaneous INDIE CARTOONIST BAND JAM at Jesse's where the WORST COVER OF ROCK LOBSTER EVER was borne upon the earth. Dunja and Shaye are also amazing drummers, who knew?
  • Trading a comic also inspired by Ramble On by David Lasky! Zep rules!
  • Angie Wang!

Anyway, there's a  full flickr set here. Unfortunately we didn't get time to see the sights as much as we would have liked, mostly restricted to the Lloyd center area and the hectic convention schedule. We didn't even stop by Powell's! How fucked is that. Hellen and I just got confirmation that we will be sharing a table at MoCCA-- for that trip we'll definitely relax more and see the sights!

See the full gallery on posterous

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